Driftcon Operations manual
Driftcon operations manual

Version 2.0
This manual is optimized for Driftcon version 2.0.
In case any technical issues may arise or you need (technical) support, feel free to contact us via: support@cyclertest.com.
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Driftcon operations manual
Table of contents
Page 2
1 General information
1.1 Safety warnings and guidelines
1.2 Safe use guidelines
1.3 Electromagnetic interference
1.4 FCC Warning
1.5 Document conventions
1.6 Terminology
Page 4
2 Driftcon system
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Standardization
2.3 Applications
2.4 Specifications
Page 5
3 Hardware
3.1 Computer requirements
3.2 Power supply requirements
3.3 Driftcon hardware box
3.4 Driftcon measurement credits
3.5 Environmental conditions
3.6 Probes
3.7 Specifications
Page 7
4 Installation
4.1 Hardware installation
4.2 Hardware box driver installation
4.3 Software installation
4.4 Software settings
Page 9
5 Driftcon software
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Launching the Driftcon software
5.3 User management
5.4 Device management
5.5 Synchronisation
5.6 Start the acquisition
5.7 Acquisition
5.8 Measurement results
5.9 Drift analysis
Page 14
6 Driftcon report
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Create a Driftcon report
Page 15
7 Calibration & maintenance
7.1 Calibration
7.2 Storage of sensors
7.3 Cleaning
Page 15
8 Specification editor
8.1 Introduction
Page 15
9 Troubleshooting
Appendix A : Temperature protocols
Appendix B : Technical support
Appendix C : Warranties
Appendix D : Liability
Appendix E : Software license agreement

Declaration of compliance

General information

Safety warnings and guidelines

Safe operation of Driftcon begins with a complete understanding how the instrument works and is operated. Please read this entire manual carefully before attempting to operate the Driftcon system. Do not allow anyone who has not read this manual to operate the instrument and software.

The Driftcon system is a delicate high-precision temperature measurement instrument and should be handeled and operated carefully.
The temperature sensors are the most sensitive part and should be treated with special care and attention.
The temperature sensors may get hot during usage! Take special attention to this when removing the sensors from a thermocycler sample block.
Operation of the Driftcon system, before reading this manual can constitute a personal injury hazard. Only qualified laboratory or technical personnel, trained in safe use of electrical equipment should operate this instrument.

Safe use guidelines

The Driftcon system is designed to be safe to operate under the following conditions:

  • Indoor use only
  • Normal air pressure (altitude below 3000m)
  • Ambient temperature (15.0 °C – 27.0 °C)
  • Relative humidity between 20 % - 80 %

Electromagnetic interference

The Driftcon hardware box, CyclerProbe set and (FFC)fixture designs have been tested and found to comply with EMC standards for emissions and suspectibility by European Union at time of manufacture. See Declaration Of Conformity at the end of this manual.

FCC Warning

Changes or modifications to the Driftcon hardware box, the CyclerProbe or (FFC) fixture not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void user’s authority to operate the instrument.

Document conventions

Before describing the various features of the Driftcon hardware and software, let’s define some “common ground” conventions.

[ ] will be used to indicate window titles in the software, such as measurement results
< > will be used to indicate buttons, such as Start
Select is meant to be synonymous with click, click on, point-and-click implying selection of menu or option items with a mouse.
N/A means not available.
Window menu is a menu that is located at the top of a window. In the documentation any reference to a window menu will be italic (ie. Tools->Options...).
Context menu is a menu that appears upon user interaction, such as a rightclick mouse operation.
Properties menu is a panel of information in the file properties dialogue accessed from the File menu, context menu, or by typing alt-Enter, or alt-double-clicking.
Drop down menu is a menu displayed by a mouse-click on a menu category in the menu bar. They are normally hidden from view. A menu item is an individual option within a drop down menu.


Thermocycler is meant to be synonymous with thermal cycler, PCR instrument, real time-PCR cycler etc.
Probe can be an Driftcon probeset or an Driftcon probefixture

Driftcon System


The Driftcon system is a sophisticated temperature measurement, analysis and reporting system, which is designed for temperature calibration of (q)PCR thermocyclers. The Driftcon hardware is based on a multi-channel temperature read-out (Driftcon-II/Driftcon-III hardware box) which can acquire temperature data from connected sensors, which are available in several formats. Specially designed software (Driftcon) is used to capture the temperature data from the Driftcon hardware box and store it in a data file, along with indentification parameters. The data file is secured by an encryption method. Only trained and certified technicians are allowed to perform traceable calibrations with the Driftcon system.


Every temperature calibration, regardless which type of thermocycler is calibrated, is performed using a standardized and prescribed temperature protocol. This enables comparison of the results of every measurement performed, whether the tested instrument model is identical or different. This standard protocol is designed to support all relevant temperatures related to instrument specifications and PCR process. Data and results from the measurements are collected in a central database and the instrument specific “market” performances are calculated.


  • Protocol transfer and cycler transfer
  • Instrument to instrument comparison
  • Process problem solving
  • Gradient Quality measurement
  • ISO 17025 traceable calibrations of any (q)PCR cycler
  • PCR plate temperature uniformity


The calibration results are, by default, listed against market specifications. Market specifications (thermocycler type related) are statistically calculated by CYCLERtest BV. In order to calculate “market specifications”, “in-field” measurement results are required.


Computer requirements

For proper functioning of the Driftcon system the following

  • Use a modern Personal computer, laptop and/or notebook.
  • Minimum 2 free USB ports
  • Operating systems : Microsoft® Windows 10, Microsoft® Windows 8, Microsoft® Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit), Microsoft® Windows Vista (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Internet explorer 8.0 or higher
  • Internet acces

Power supply requirements

The Driftcon hardware box is powered using the computer’s USB port of the computer.

Driftcon hardware box

The hardware box module converts analog temperature signals into digital values, which can be read by the Driftcon software. There are two models :

  • Driftcon II hardware box : resolution 0.01 °C, single calibration point (90 °C)
  • Driftcon III hardware box : resolution 0.001 °C, multiple calibration points possible

Front view Driftcon hardware box
  • A - Power LED, blinks green when the Driftcon II hardware box is connected to the USB port, is permanent green when the Driftcon III hardware box is connected to the USB port.
  • B - Communication LED (red), illuminates when an communication is in progress for Driftcon III hardware box and illuminates when no probe is connected for Driftcon II hardware box.
  • C - Probeset/probefixture connector.
  • D - Driftcon card slot.
Back view Driftcon hardwarebox
  • E - USB port.
  • F - ID Label.

Driftcon measurement credits

The Driftcon system is pay-per-measurement system and comes with 20 measurement credits included with the system. These measurement credits are stored in the hardware box. A measurement credit will be deducted after the first analysed step of a PCR protocol or after 1 minute for incubator and thermometer measurements.

You can view how many measurements are left on the hardware box by selecting Tools->Credits....

New measurement credits can be requested clicking the link in the window or by clicking here. For this request you need the hardware box serial number as shown in the Credit information. After the request you will receive a 'measurement credit code' by e-mail, which can be entered in the Credit code after clicking the Upgrade with code....

Environmental conditions

Ensure that the area where the Driftcon is installed and used meets the following conditions, for reasons of safety and performance:

  • Non explosive environment
  • Normal air pressure (altitude below 3000m)
  • Ambient temperature (15.0 °C – 27.0 °C)
  • Relative humidity between 20 % - 80 %
  • Protection from excessive heat and accidental spills
Do not place the Driftcon hardware near heat sources such a radiators,
and protect it from danger of having water or other fluids splashed on it, which can cause shorting of its electrical circuits.


The Driftcon system can be used for temperature calibration of almost all types of reaction blocks of (q)PCR thermocyclers. Below you find a list with the several types of probes available. Probes are “intelligent”: the calibration data is stored in a memory chip and travels with the probe. With one hardware module multiple probes can be used, without being concerned about calibration data.

Article Model
DSY0601Driftcon PLATA System 96V-15+ LP N
DSY0602Driftcon PLATA System 96V-15+ LP S
DSY0604Driftcon PLATA System 96V-15+ LP E
DSY0701Driftcon PLATA System 96V-15+ RP N
DSY0702Driftcon PLATA System 96V-15+ RP S
DSY0704Driftcon PLATA System 96V-15+ RP E
DSY0611Driftcon PLATA System 16-6+ LP N
DSY0612Driftcon PLATA System 16-6+ LP S
DSY0614Driftcon PLATA System 16-6+ LP E
DSY0711Driftcon PLATA System 16-6+ RP N
DSY0712Driftcon PLATA System 16-6+ RP S
DSY0714Driftcon PLATA System 16-6+ RP E
DSY0501Driftcon system LightCycler I-II
DSY0502Driftcon system SmartCycler Flex
DSY0800Driftcon RotorGene System
DSY0511Driftcon system Flex 16 x 0,2 ml
DSY0512Driftcon system Flex 16 x 0,5 ml
DSY0513Driftcon system Flex 16 x 25 μl
DSY0300DriftconFFC System 48-12R E
DSY0301DriftconFFC System 48-12R N
DSY0302DriftconFFC System 48-12R S
DSY0303DriftconFFC System 48-12R W
DSY0400DriftconFFC System 384-15 LP E
DSY0401DriftconFFC System 384-15 LP N
DSY0402DriftconFFC System 384-15 LP S
DSY0403DriftconFFC System 384-15 LP W
DSY0410DriftconFFC System 16-24 All Well E
DSY0411DriftconFFC System 16-24 All Well N
DSY0412DriftconFFC System 16-24 All Well S
DSY0413DriftconFFC System 16-24 All Well W

For more information, please refer to the Driftcon product section and/or the Driftcon information center.


  • Temperature measurement range 10 °C – 120 °C
  • Read-out resolution 0.001 °C
  • Number of channels max. 16
  • Measurement interval 500ms
  • USB ports
  • Operating temperature between 15.0 °C and 27.0 °C
  • Relative humidity between 20 % - 80 %
  • Weight approx. 300g (for box only)
  • Size (l x d x h) 150 x 115 x 40mm
  • System uncertainty up to 0.25 °C (k=2)
  • See the calibration certificate to determine the specific calibration uncertainty.
These specifications are subject to change without prior notification.


Hardware installation

For more information on the hardware installation, please refer to the Driftcon quickstart guide.

Hardware box driver installation

The Driftcon system has hardware box drivers included in the software installation. For proper installation of the hardware box, please refer to Driftcon hardware box driver installation guide.

Software installation

The Driftcon software can be downloaded here. After following the installation instructions, you can start the software by clicking the icon on your desktop (for more information see section 5.2).

If you have been using Driftcon before, please refer to the Driftcon software upgrade guide, which helps to upgrade your old driftcon installation.

Software settings

Below is an explanation of all the software settings available :

Page Setting Description
General Hardware detection Settings for detecting hardware box II and/or III. Quick detection forces the system to use the last known port as indicated.
Logfile location The location where the logfile will be stored on the system, typically C:\Program files\GENO-tronics BV\Driftcon\Logfiles
Detection timeout The time given for the software to select hardware in the hardware detection routine.
Synchronisation ID The synchronisation ID can be found in your website profile and is protected by your website account password. After entering your synchronisation ID AND password, you can synchronize the Driftcon software.
System This is your specific system identification. The software automatically preselect your computername.
Scheduler The Driftcon measurement scheduler on shown on startup by default. This settings allows you to disable this.
Application Environment conditions The specifications of the environment conditions in which the system operates without any error messages.
Enable assistant The assistant helps a Driftcon user by reminding to add users, customers, devices and perform synchronisations regularly. Also the assistant warns when an acquisition is started with a screensaver enabled or without AC power supply connected.
Drift history The drift history automatically filters out acquisitions of the days specified when creating drift overviews. Manual selection of acquisitions overrule this setting.
Certificate Internet explorer 8.0 mode This options should be set when the operating system has internet explorer versions older than 9.0 and it affects the 'images' (charts, sensor locations etc.) on the certificate
Specifications Market specifications (recommended) Measurements are performed with market specifications.
Custom specifications Measurements are performed with the selected custom specifications (these can be manufacturer or other types of specifications)
Sync updated specifications only In the synchronisation process only updated specifications are updated. To perform a complete update of all market specifications uncheck this option and perform a synchronisation (warning : this process might take a while)
Do not modify any settings in the 'Advanced' settings page!

Driftcon software


The Driftcon software is used to capture the temperature data from the Driftcon hardware box and store it in a data file, along with identification parameters. The Driftcon software is also used to analyse the measurement data and compare this with the instrument market specifications. All these data and results are summarized in a Driftcon report.

Launching the Driftcon software

Select the Driftcon software icon on the desktop or select the Driftcon software from the Program Menu. The login will appear. which allows you to login by clicking on the desired user icon and providing the corresponding password.
To login select user 'Admin' and use password 'driftcon'.

Click here to watch tutorial video

After entering the software succesfully you can manage your software users. In order to start a measurement you have to add devices to the Driftcon database. The next sections will describe how to manage user and devices.

User management


Driftcon users can be defined as the users of the Driftcon system. The software requires users to be added for authentication in the system and for traceability purposes afterwards. Typically you create the required users when the system is initially received

You can add, edit or delete users in the user management. You can open the user management by clicking the user in the main screen (see image on the right) or select Edit->User... from the main menu.

Driftcon distinguishes 3 levels of permission : Administrator, controller and user. The table below indicates the differences.

Action Administrator Controller User
Start measurement Yes Yes Yes
Edit users Yes No No
Edit devices Yes Yes No
Edit specifications Yes No No
Edit settings Yes No No
View drift Yes Yes Yes
View logbook Yes No No
View system information Yes No No
View market specifications Yes Yes No
View results Yes Yes Yes
View scheduler Yes Yes Yes
Upgrade credits Yes Yes No
Synchronisation Yes Yes No
Upgrade installation Yes No No
View operations manual Yes Yes Yes
Check for updates Yes No No

Add a user

Select User->Add... in the window menu of the user management window to open the add user. Here you can enter the user details with a minimum of firstname, lastname, password, company and permissions.

Click here to watch tutorial video

Edit a user

Highlight the user you wish to edit in the user management and select User->Edit... in the window menu to open the edit user. Here you can edit the user details.

Click here to watch tutorial video

Delete a user

Highlight the user you wish to delete in the user management and select User->Delete... in the window menu. If you are sure to delete the user confirm by clicking 'Yes'.

Click here to watch tutorial video

Device management


Device management allows to fully manage all the device under calibration details. These details will appear on the driftcon report and are needed for starting an acquisition.

You can add, edit or delete devices in the device management. You can open the device management by clicking the device in the main screen (see image on the right) or select Edit->Device under calibration... from the main menu.

You can only add devices for instruments that you have market specifications for (one free specification set per system)!
To obtain additional specification sets, please click here.

Add a device

Select Device->Add... in the window menu of the device management to open the add device. Follow the instructions and steps of this wizard and gather all the information needed for the device.

Edit a device

Highlight the device you wish to edit in the device management and select Device->Edit... in the window menu to open the edit device. The wizard allows you to change any detail of the device under calibration.

Delete a device

Highlight the device you wish to delete in the device management and select Device->Delete... in the window menu. If you are sure to delete the device under calibration confirm by clicking 'Yes'.


The Driftcon software is installed with default information like instrument information, blocklayouts, probe information etc. In order to update the system to the latest definitions the synchronizer can be used. Besides definitions also application and user data can be synchronised. This data specific for your account and contains your measurements and market specifications.

If you do not synchronise the Driftcon software before performing a measurement, you have no updated market specifications and definitions available.

Start the acquisition

After setting up your hardware and adding device(s), you can start an acquisition by selecting Start in the mainscreen. After a hardware detection the start wizard will guide you through the starting process. There are different types of measurement :

Measurement Description
(q)PCR Start a measurement on a (q)PCR instrument. The specification set that is selected in your software settings are used (market or custom).
Application Start a measurement on a (q)PCR instrument. In the start wizard you have the option to select a specification set.
Incubator Start a measurement on an incubator.
Thermometer Use the Driftcon hardware as a 16 channel thermometer.



The start wizard gathers all the information needed for performing an acquisition. The outcome of the acquisition is a logfile, which contains all the information gathered in the start wizard and all the temperature information gathered during the acquisition. The software automatically detects the end of the protocol and finish the acquisition with the measurement results.

A measurement will be deducted after the first analysed step of the protocol has been completed (typically the second 95 °C).
For thermometer and incubators a measurement will be deducted 1 minute after starting the acquisition.

Window information

The acquisition gives you detailed information about the status of the acquisition.

Sensor information contains information such as actual temperature, highest and lowest temperature or sensor fail.

A Driftcon usercan switch on or off sensor by using the checkmarks, however this does not affect the measurement results. It will only influence the representation on the screen at that moment.
Calculated data contains the current accuracy and uniformity. Selecting or de-selecting sensors will affect these values.
Status information contains information such as :
  • The actual number of sensors during the measurement.
  • The actual amount of samples taken during the measurement.
  • The programmed plateau temperature (Tset).
  • The actual step in the protocol.
  • The actual plateau time.
The environment information contains information that is gathered from the USB T/Rh module. If this module is not connected, the information will not appear.

Probe control system

The Driftcon system always monitors sensor values during an acquisition. If a sensor value is lagging and deviates from the other sensors or a sensor is broken, the Driftcon system will automatically reject this sensor and notify the Driftcon user. This notification is saved in the logfile can be viewed afterwards. In the status information the sensor number will be lowered and indicated in red!


During the acquisition the Driftcon user can add notes to the logfile (select Edit->Notes... from the window menu). The Driftcon system distinguishes between private and public notes. Private notes will only appear in the software and a public note will automatically appear on the Driftcon report.


The Driftcon system continuously monitors it's hardware and the environment. If any of these items has an issue it is registered in the messsage logbook. Besides the automatic registration, the notes entered by the engineer can also be viewed. This logbook can be viewed by selecting View->Messages... from the window menu.

Measurement results


All completed acquisitions can be found in the measurement results. The measurement results can be opened by selecting [Results] in the main window. Here you can add notes in the same way as during the acquisition. Also you can create reports (more details in the next chapter), update the status and/or view drift reports. The window provides a number of filters to find a specific acquisition more easily.

Status update

After an acquisition is finished the status will automatically be approved in the measurement results. However in some cases the Driftcon user notices an error afterwards and in such cases the status can be set to 'rejected'. This is just for informational purposes and will be stored in the logfile. The decision can always be reverted to 'approved'. Whenever a user rejects an acquisition it is recommended to also enter a note.

Logfile import

The measurement results can import logfiles created on other Driftcon systems. It can be done by selecting File->Import... from the window menu or by drag&drop on the measurement results list. The complete measurement results can be cleared by selecting Edit->Clear... from the window menu. This will only clear Driftcon database information and will never remove logfiles from your system!


Besides quality control per instrument and absolute analysis per acquisition, Driftcon provides a drift report in which you can quickly see how your device's thermal performance is changing (drifting). You can create a drift report for accuracy, uniformity, overshoot, ramprate, ramp uniformity and more.

You can create a drift report by selecting View->Drift... from the main window or the measurement results. The second option let's you select individual acquisitions.

An example of a drift report can be seen on the right in which every red dot indicates an acquisition. The dotted horizontal lines represent the market specifications that were valid during the acquisition.

Driftcon report


Once the acquisition is completed, the Driftcon report can be generated in the software. All the data is saved in the logfile and the report can be generated from the measurement results.

Create a Driftcon report

To create a Driftcon report, open the measurement results and select a logfile from the list. Now select View->Result...in the window menu or double click the logfile to open the results. Here you have the option to preview or print the Driftcon report.

Calibration & maintenance


At time of manufacture the Driftcon system (hardware module and probes) is ISO 17025 calibrated. A calibration certificate is included with the system. The calibration data for the individual temperature sensors are stored in an internal memory chip in the probe. Multiple probes can be used in combination with a hardware module, without making calibration adjustments. To guarantee the highest measurement accuracy, uncertainty and traceability the Driftcon probe must be calibrated every 24 months or after 500 measurements, according to the Driftcon agreement. The Driftcon software will notify you before the calibration expires. You can ignore the message and continue using the software and performing measurements, although the calibration date is always stored with the record of the measurement. Also an expiry indication will appear in the Driftcon report.

It’s the Driftcon user’s responsibility to have the Driftcon system/parts re-calibrated at the prescribed interval of 24 months. Re-calibration can be requested by filling out a workorder on the celsiuslabs website (click here).

Storage of sensors

After usage the probe(s) should be stored carefully. The probes are the most sensitive parts of the system. CYCLERtest BV recommends to clean the sensor tips with a paper tissue with some ethanol (70%v/v). After cleaning store them carefully in the dedicated sealbag or case.


Clean the outside of the Driftcon hardware and the notebook with a damp, soft cloth or tissue. Whenever the probes are covered with dirt these can be cleaned very carefully with a tissue dipped with 70% ethanol. Do not apply any force or use other cleaning methods and/or fluids.

Specification editor


This part of the software is subject to change and documentation is not available yet. Please contact CYCLERtest BV for assistance on the usage.


In case of problems with the Driftcon system you can refer to the Driftcon troubleshoot document, which contains some guidelines to solve your issue(s). Please always perform synchronisations frequently, so your databases are updated and check if you have the latest software version.

If the troubleshoot document does not solve your issue, you can contact CYCLERtest BV with the following information available :

  • Driftcon software version
  • Operating system
  • Serial numbers (hardware box, probes)
  • Synchronisation ID / website account
  • Exact nature of the problem
  • Frequency of the problem
  • Steps already taken to troubleshoot the problem
Appendix A : Temperature protocols

The temperature protocols have to be entered into the thermocycler before use with the Driftcon ® system. For programming instructions on this, please refer to your thermocycler’s manual. The Driftcon system has 8 PCR protocols out-of-the-box :

The default Driftcon protocol can be used with most instruments. The Driftcon (FAST) protocol has the same plateaus, except the hold time is 1 minute.
The Fixed I protocol contains 3 important PCR stages and can be used with most instruments. The Fixed I (FAST) has the same plateaus, except the hold time is minute
The Fixed II protocol contains 3 important PCR stages and can be used with most instruments. The Fixed II (FAST) has the same plateaus, except the hold time is minute
The Driftcon (40 °C) protocol can be used with instruments that can not (or have difficulty to) reach 30 °C. In this protocol the 30 °C steps are replaced by 40 °C. Typical instruments are LightCycler, SmartCycler.
The Driftcon (45 °C) protocol can be used with instruments that can not (or have difficulty to) reach 30 °C. In this protocol the 30 °C steps are replaced by 45 °C. Typical instrument is Rotorgene.

These protocols contains all important cycling temperatures (or close to) and also cover temperatures, which are used by instrument manufacturers to specify their instruments. Steps indicated with square brackets ([1]) are not analysed in the Driftcon report, but crucial for the acquisition and need to be programmed in the instrument!

Incubators can be measured with 10 minute plateaus of 30 °C, 37 °C, 42 °C, 65 °C and/or 95 °C.

Appendix B : Technical support

For any technical questions or problems please contact by e-mail (support@cyclertest.com) or use the contact request form.

Rötscherweg 61
6374 XW Landgraaf
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)45 533 8733
Fax: +31 (0)45 533 8794
E-mail: support@cyclertest.com
Website: www.cyclertest.com

Appendix C : Warranty

This temperature measurement system is a high precision instrument and designed for usage in specific cyclers. Cyclers can, depending on brand, have a high variation in block wells, block angles and dimensions. Reduce the lid pressure to normal operation standards. This system is sensitive to damage if used in other instruments and block formats.

CYCLERtest BV and GENO-tronics BV warrants NEW MTAS® and DRIFTCON® system parts against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of lease (in case of an MTAS® system)or purchase (in case of a DRIFTCON® system). Probes and sensor (assemblies) are EXCLUDED from this standard warranty. Special warranty terms apply to the probe and sensor assemblies. In no event will either CYCLERtest BV or GENO-tronics BV be responsible for damages resulting from accident, abuse, misuses or inadequate packaging of returned goods.

Warranty is voided if used in non recommended cyclers. Warranty is waved when excessive force is used and for all “stick to the block” situations.

Appendix D : Liability

CYCLERtest BV or GENO-tronics BV can not be held responsible for special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting out of the use of the hardware or software parts, including downtime, lost samples orexperiments, lost reagents, lost profits, goodwill, damage to equipment or instruments, property, personal injury and any costs of recovering or reproducing experimental results and data.

Appendix E : Software license agreement

"GENO-tronics BV" means GENO-tronics BV, The Netherlands, and is the designer, author, manufacturer and producer of the (Software) Product DRIFTCON( described in this document and owner of its copyrights, trademarks and intellectual rights. "CYCLERtest BV" means CYCLERtest BV, The Netherlands, and is the global distributor and re-seller of the mentioned product(s). "User" or "Licensee" means the licensed and authorized (Software) Product distributor, partner or "End User". "System" means DRIFTCON system (hardware module & probefixture) manufactured by GENO-tronics BV., The Netherlands. The Software Product can be indicated as "Software", "System" or "DRIFTCON".

The (Software) Product ownership is not transferred to the Licensee. GENO-tronics BV & CYCLERtest BV grant the Licensee a simple, not-exclusive license to use the (Software) Product only in combination with one (1) DRIFTCON system, the Software Product is specifically licensed to. Licensee may store or install a copy of the Software Product on a storage device, such as a network server, used only to install or run the Software Product on his other computers over an internal network; A license for the Software Product may be shared or used concurrently on different computers.

Support Services: CYCLERtest BV may provide the Licensee with support services related to the Software Product ("Support Services"). Use of Support Services is governed by the CYCLERtest BV policies and programs described in the user manual, in "online" documentation, and/or in other CYCLERtest BV provided materials. Any supplemental software patches or bug repairs/fixes provided to the Licensee as part of the Support Services shall be considered part of the (Software) Product and subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. With respect to technical information the Licensee provide to CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV'(Software) Product as part of the Support Services, CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV ware may use such information for its business purposes, including for product support and development. CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV will not utilize such technical information in a form that personally identifies the User.

The Licensee is allowed to make one (1) backup or archive copy only for reserve. All copyright notices and any other proprietary legends on the original Software Product shall be reproduced on such copy. Both the original and the reserve copy of the Software Product are subject to the restrictions set forth in this license agreement and they shall be destroyed in case of use or license termination.

The User shall not rent, distribute or sublicense the original or the backup copy of the (Software) Product and the manuals. The (Software) Product contains trade secrets and in order to protect them he may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise reduce the (Software) Product to a human perceivable form or create derivative utilities based upon it. The Licensee shall not edit the structure of the (Software) Product, nor ask to any other person to do so in order to modify its form, weight, dimensions, etc. Solely with respect to electronic documents included with the (Software) Product, the User may make an unlimited number of copies (either in hardcopy or electronic form), provided that such copies shall be used only for internal purposes and are not republished or distributed to any third party. The license will immediately terminate without notice if the User fails to comply with any provision set forth herein.

If the (Software) Product is labeled as upgrade or patch, the Licensee must be properly licensed to use a product identified by CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV as being eligible for the upgrade in order to use the (Software) Product. A (Software) Product labeled as an upgrade replaces and/or supplements the product that formed the basis for the Licensee's eligibility for the upgrade. The Licensee may use the resulting upgraded product only in accordance with the terms of this agreement. If the (Software) Product is an upgrade of a component of a package of software programs that the Licensee licensed as a single product, the (Software) Product may be used and transferred only as part of that single product package and may not be separated for use on more than one computer.

The (Software) Product is provided "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from use of this Software Product. CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV makes no representation, warranty or condition, of any kind whether express or implied (either in fact or by operation of law) with respect to the Software Product. CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV expressly disclaims all warranties or conditions of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV does not warrant that the Software Product is error free or that operation of the Software Product will be secure or uninterrupted and hereby disclaims any and all liability on account thereof. The above limitation shall apply to the extent allowable by applicable law.
User shall notice and agree with the recommended system requirements of the computer system and the Instrument the Software Product is installed on or operated and controlled with.


The User engages himself to make any effort in order to assure that his employees, consultants or other people that can access to the Software Product comply with the terms set forth in this "END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT", including the prohibition to authorize anyone to use parts of the Software Product in order to identify its source code. The User shall immediately make any effort to stop any misuse that comes to his knowledge.

The Software Product copyright is ownership of CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV. The User may be considered directly liable by CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV for any action concerning the use of the Software Product, made directly or indirectly, that does not comply with this "END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT ".

CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV reserves the right to terminate the license at any time if the User fails to comply with any provision of this "END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". In this case, the User must immediately destroy the Software Product or return the media and all the copies to CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV State of residence, also for what concerns patent and copyright. In case of judicial acts or proceedings consequent to a demonstrated failure to comply with the conditions set forth in this "END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT", all the legal costs will be at loosing party expense. This agreement regulates any Software Product update and upgrade, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the use of the Software Product and the related documentation, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous understandings or agreements, written or oral, regarding such subject matter.

The User acknowledge and agree as between the User and CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV that CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV owns the DRIFTCON trademark and all DRIFTCON-related trademarks, service marks, logos and other brand designations including the DRIFTCON logo and CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV logo ("CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV MARKS"). Any use the User makes of the CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV MARKS inures to CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV' benefit.

During the Warranty Period (3 months), CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV shall provide to Licensee any new, corrected or enhanced version of the Software Product as created by CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV free of charge. Such enhancement shall include all modifications to the Software Product that increase the speed, efficiency or ease of use of the Software Product, but shall not include any substantially new or rewritten version or add additional capabilities or functionality to the Software Product. This specific Software Product Update is classified as "minor update/patch".

The DRIFTCON software enables users to share their measurements data with CYCLERtest BV & GENO-tronics BV by way of uploading the data through the Driftcon website (option in software). With the acceptance of this agreement users agree and confirm that their measurement data is used by GENO-tronics BV & CYCLERtest BV in order to generate new market specifications. Uploaded data will be treated confidential and will be shared to other users anonymously.

Applies to all downloads and distributions of software products (evaluation versions, updates, patches, electronic manuals, specification sets etc.) from the CYCLERtest BV (www.cyclertest.com), GENO-tronics BV (www.geno-tronics.com) and the Dritcon (www.driftcon.com) website.


Declaration of compliance

GENO-tronics BV The Netherlands hereby declares that the GENO-tronics BV Driftcon-16 ® hardware conforms to the following directives:

Directive: 89/336/EEC
Declared compliance: EN 55022, Class B (1998) + [A1(2000) + A2(2003)]
Emission Standard: limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of information technology equipment
EN 55024 (1998) + [A1(2000) + A2(2003)]
Immunity Standard: limits and methods of measurements of immunity characteristics of information technology equipment
Type of equipment Temperature calibration equipment
Model Driftcon-III
Year of manufacture 2013 and onwards

GENO-tronics BV certifies that the equipment, described above, has been tested, conforms and applies to the directives and standards of the European Union (EU) as mentioned above. Test data that supports this conformity are available on request and proper authorization. The instrument carries the “CE” mark on the identification plate.