On site calibration service

Through the on site thermocycler calibration service CYCLERtest enables laboratories to assure its thermocyclers to perform according to specifications.
The CYCLERtest calibration engineers are equiped with the professional MTAS thermocycler calibration system with a wide variaty of sensor sets, enabling them to calibrate virtually any thermocycler, from basic PCR thermocyclers to highly advanced qPCR thermocyclers. The MTAS system is calibrated traceable to the international temperature standard ITS-90.

Calibration requests can be submitted via the CelsiusLabs website which allows you to plan your appointment on a date of choice.

The calibrations are performed on site and the thermocycler can be used directly after release of the calibration engineer.
The calibration results are made available in a calibration certificate that carries the ILAC-RvA accreditation logo that is internationally acknowlegded by accreditation councils and is proof of conformity to ISO 17025.

For more information about our thermocycler calibration services and pricing information contact us or call +31 45 533 8733