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New website

Due to ongoing development and continuous improvement of our systems, we have developed a brand new website. The new site is released on 2 April 2013 and will include some of the following features :

  • BIOzymgroup user account (you can now use your account for Driftcon, CYCLERtest, BIOplastics and Celsiuslabs)
  • Driftcon and CYCLERtest websites are integrated into one (no more switching between websites)
  • Extended Driftcon and MTAS information center
  • Software integration

We proudly present DRIFTCON

DRIFTCON, a personal temperature drift monitoring system for thermal cyclers. DRIFTCON is, next to the MTAS certification, the ideal tool to serve as a periodic validation instrument for your PCR tests. It offers a convenient and easy means to check if your test is still within the determined and accepted borders.


You can download the software by clicking here.


If you are interested in a Driftcon system, please use our contact form and inform us about the (q)PCR instruments or incubators that you wish to validate. You can also contact your local distributor
Driftcon system